I Ordered Some Old Badges

From the redoubtable Communist Party of Australia, which is not to be confused with the other Communist Party of Australia, which was dissolved in 1991. Today’s CPA is actually a rebranded Socialist Party of Australia, and they publish a newspaper called the Guardian — again, not to be confused with the other Guardian newspaper. It’s worth a look if you’re up for a spot of hard left news and views.

If I recall correctly my uncle was involved in the original SPA before his divorce and subsequent descent into his current acrimonious, Blackshirted, hardline racist reactionary self. What a strange man he is. My uncle destroys every Christmas he attends, but yet when he’s not present we don’t have anything to say.

I advise you to turn your mind from my family affairs and cast your eyes across these beauties:


What a haul!

What you have there are some old SPA land rights and gulf war buttons from the early 90s, along with three lovely late-era Soviet antiwar badges. I feel I am now a collector of badges. The Communist Party of Australia shipped these promptly and packaged them with great care in a copy of the Guardian.

Only tangentially related: I had an (extremely glamorous) photoshoot for my LinkedIn profile today, and my outfit featured a ‘cheeky’ Soviet peace dove.