I downloaded a video game

By this point news may have reached you that I have indeed downloaded Pokēmon Go. Well I have to say it’s great to see augmented reality games really getting off the mark this year. The game is so much fun, and it was wonderful to observe packs of gamers roaming my suburb of Thornbury last night in the hope of snaring loveable critters like this:


Pictured: a Wigglytuff

You can imagine my surprise when I was out catching Pokēmon yesterday and my candidate called me to discuss Important Party Business, after which she put on her preteen son who had another important matter to discuss: “have you got Pokēmon Go?” It’s kind of you to ask, Patrick, and yes, I do.

Edit: I keep finding Doduos and it’s driving me up the wall. I require some rare and powerful pokēmangs, not this endless turkey shoot of two-headed bin chickens.


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