Batchelor Chow – UPDATED

So former state Labor MP Peter Batchelor just threatened one of our volunteers and tore down our election signage, a somewhat unsubtle campaigning tactic that is also an offence under electoral law.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 8.17.30 pm
Hooley dooley.

The whole fiasco ended up on The Age
, although they glossed over his aggressive and threatening behaviour to our poor volunteer, who was shaken up and in tears when we arrived.

Batchelor is an intriguing figure from the Victorian ALP Right who has form with dodgy election tactics, having produced and distributed  phoney how-to-vote cards purporting to be from the Nuclear Disarmament Party, back in the 1980s.


Similar activities over in Melbourne Ports have landed some other Key ALP Blokes in trouble with the 5-0 today. Apparently on election eve, senior ALP men all around Melbourne were forming up into what can only be described as clandestine vandal squads. These Raiders of the Lost Booth included David Asmar, a notorious Darebin ALP figure and branch stacker who somehow escaped the Royal Commission for his role in the Health Services Union scandal; and Andrew Landeryou, a Latham-lite blogger and Bill Shorten confidante who as I type has fallen off his hinges completely and is carrying on like a pork chop over on Twitter.

Vandalising and ripping down election signage is a continuing theme, but they also engaged in some motorised intimidation antics that bear an eerie reminiscence to The Cars That Ate Paris. Asmar, Landeryou and the other two thugs were closely involved in the campaign of the singularly noxious (imo) Michael Danby MP, who looks like he might just scrape through in Ports.

I’ve yet to hold forth on the Victorian ALP Right on this sadly neglected blog. I fully intend to do so, but in brief — and at the risk of tipping my partisan hand — the Old Boys of the ALP Right have Got to Go.


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