My New Look: Misty AF Eyes

Our esteemed Prime Minister can look at our immigration detention system without crying, he’s proud of that, and he’s warning others against the danger of ‘misty eyes’. I must now reflexively endorse misty af eyes, a’la the timeless Katherine Hepburn.

“We shouldn’t allow empathy to cloud our judgement”, says Turnbull.

I disagree. We should reject a martial vision of leadership where compassion is somehow a barrier to correct and proper judgement. Turnbull sounds like a grotesque Boer War general with a pencil moustache.

Where does this model of leadership actually lead us? Is cruelty ever a rational response?

Afterthought: Is Turnbull having a dig at Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young with this phrase? I’m thinking particularly about this event which is widely pilloried among right-wingers, usually in chauvinistic terms. I can think of few people who have shown as much courage and leadership on this issue in the Australian Parliament as Hanson-Young.

And can you imagine the outrage if a third party contractor paid by the Australian Government conducted spying operations on an ALP or Coalition senator abroad on official business? The AFP would have to show up with water cannons.



…or 1903-04 on the Ethiopian calendar (የኢትዮጵያ ዘመን አቆጣጠር), hosted events such the Yellow Flower Mound revolt, the triumph of the Mexican revolution in Ciudad Juárez, the Italo-Turkish war; the births of Roy Eldridge, Robert Johnson, Prince Ali Khan, Liberace and Joseph Barbera of Hanna-Barbera fame; The Treaty of Berlin, in November, leading to the partition of Morocco between France, Spain, and Germany; The ‘rediscovery’ of Machu Picchu by American colonial expeditionist Hiram Bingham III, who later was caught up in nuclear experiments; the referendum on giving the Australian government the constitutional right to nationalise any corporation deemed to be a monopoly held but sadly not passed into law…

It was a classic year, and today we remember that.

#ClassicYears #1911