Midnight Oil

I enjoy politics and music and I’d like to talk about Midnight Oil, a leading Aussie post-punk/new wave/alternative band from the late 70s onwards surely due for a reformation; a truly inventive and deeply political band who are deservedly revered by fans of Australian rock music, and whose vocalist Peter Garrett was by the mid 1980s not only a gangly, lurching figure on American MTV, but also an influential player in Australian politics, a leading voice in a party that at the time commanded over 7% of the Australian popular vote (the NDP); and of course a man who found his way into (and subsequently back out of) the federal cabinet during the Rudd administration, the details of which should probably for decency’s sake remain a topic for another post, but suffice to say: it was 2007, the ALP had just kicked out the odious John Howard and had a fresh mandate for things like an ETS, an apology to stolen generations, and more decent treatment of refugees — or so we hoped.